Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School

A few weeks ago Chris and I went to our combo C-Section/Baby care class at Medical City to learn how to have and how to keep alive our babies.

We arrived in time to find ourselves with two other parents-to-be of twins. We quickly became acquainted, rounded up some snacks, and started the learnings.

There were 3 really good things about the class that I didn't expect.

1. Enough babies were provided

2. My baby had my eyes

3. Nourishment

I feel good about having the babies at Medical City and I feel good about the rudimentary knowledge we now have on cesarean deliveries and basic childcare.

I wish they would have given us a certificate of some kind that we could frame and reference in a few months when we're throwing up our hands at 2 am without a clue as to how to how to proceed.

Maybe I'll work on photoshopping something together for us.

You would think after taking the class we would get some kind of hospital delivery discount. Why isn't that offered?
We now know so much more than the average folks. You'll get to save a lot of words and worry with us, couldn't you pass on that savings in the form of a 20% labor discount?

That would really encourage parent education class participation.

I'll at least attempt to photoshop a coupon together and see if I can get it past the billing office.

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