Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Hour Long Vacation

Because that's about how much time we spent relaxing this Memorial Day weekend.

Since buying a house both Chris and I started working a total of about 8 full-time jobs.

My jobs are:
-baby oven

Chris's jobs are:
-IT on-call
-caretaker of baby oven (this can often be the biggest job)

It's so far beyond multi-tasking at this point - it's like simultaneously standing on your head while baking brownies and dictating your autobiography.

I'm so tired, and so turned around right now that I can only present to you a photo diary of this last weekend.

I didn't come close to taking a picture of everything that transpired - I was literally moving too fast.

Here's where we were starting from.

Which of these things is not like the other?
Mayhaps the weed whacker and the microwave don't belong in the living room? Hmmmm...(and yes, we do listen to 90's pop while we work. When we're not listening to dance electronica.)

Mess cleared.

Time to hang some window treatments.

No sew hem = genius. (Yes, the 90's are still jammin').

By Sunday at 1 pm Chris has already mowed and edged the lawn, I'd laid out the area rug and re-arranged the furniture, we'd churched, ate, ran by the old apartment, and bought a king-sized mattress.

Are you dizzy? Cause we sure were.

But did we stop? No.

Returned some paint to Home Depot, exchanged keys that didn't work, and rented a truck to go run our IKEA errand.

(See original post for full video)

A few things to note before moving on:

1. You did hear laughter in the video right? Lest you get the idea we've lost our sense of humor about any of this...

2. We hauled butt to try and make the 75 minute $19.95 time frame. All the way from Plano to Frisco, huge purchase at IKEA, unload at house, gas fill-up, and back to Plano Home Depot - we were sweating and parched and sore and...4 minutes over the allotted 75. Boo.

When Chris returned the vehicle he asked if we made the 75 minute time frame. Santa looked at our "account" and said "well, I didn't even note what time you left so we'll say sure."

When all was said and done, I needed a snow cone.

East Plano did not disappoint.

It was the first snow cone I've had this season and only the first of many.
And a drive-thru no less!
Nailed it.

But we were done then? Still no!

Time to unwrap all our IKEA goodies.

This house and baby-making thing is a lot of work. But it's also fun. And funny.

And now I'm so tired that I'm out of words.

Stay tuned for a finished living room and baby genders!

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