Friday, October 12, 2007

Wait For It

Neither Chris nor I had any plans of leaving the country this last weekend. But Friday morning we found ourselves clearing Canadian immigration.

Last Thursday Chris and I went to DFW International airport to try to catch a flight to Portland, Oregon.
Instead, Chris had his toothpaste taken away and then loaned his cell phone to a random stranger who had just dropped his phone in his coffee.
10pm, flight full, we took our bags and headed back home.

Friday morning Chris and I visited 76 of the 165 gates at DFW International airport.
We cleared the security checkpoints 4 times, visited all 5 terminals, were issued 5 boarding passes each, had our “airport approved” liquids bag confiscated, and rode the Skylink 6 times.

After 9 hours and 7 failed attempts to catch a flight to Portland we were left with two options: continue to change terminals for another 3 hours or board the only available flight out of Dallas: DFW to Vancouver.

Knowing nothing about the city, having no guide book or hotel, we took our seats on the 5:00 to Vancouver, British Columbia.

At 9:00pm Friday evening we arrived in Canada.
The rest is a story of umbrellas, $9 butter, massages, exiquisite cuisine, forests, seas and mountains.
But those stories will have to wait.
Patience my friends.
Patience is a major component of this adventure.

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